The LEZZWARDIANS – Murder at Lezzton Abbey


A Sapphic slapstick sing-along send-up of Upstairs-Downton Abbey
The Lezzwood Players stick two saucy fingers up to the classic turn-of- the-century British drawing-room drama!


In the picturesque village of Lezzton-Under-Weald (twinned with Dul-las-Ditchwater), the strict social order of an Edwardian household is upset when a mysterious murder leads to implausible plot-lines and tragic lapses in continuity…


What is Miss Scarlet up to with the rope and the lead piping? Who has been tipping the velvet with Mrs White? Why is Mrs Danvers so weird? And with whispers of insurgent Suffragettes, will the old order survive until tea time?

The LEZZWARDIANS was another original Lezzwood Players show created by the warped mind of our resident comic genius, Kate Norrish, with murder, mischief, mystery and music-hall style songs. And smut. This Lesbian Theatre show contained some explicit content and was not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. Here is but one example:

Gloria’s Muff


However, almost all the other songs in this show were originals, put together lovingly by Dungareen Jean and Deb Fisher and performed by the Cast. LISTEN NOW to songs from the LEZZWARDIANS:


  1. 1. Know Your Place – part one
  2. 2. Know Your Place -part two [Explicit]
  3. 3. The Trick of It [Explicit]
  4. 4. Key to the Plot


  1. Come to the Fayre
  2. Give us a Flash!
  3. Know Your Place (reprise)
  4. Ain’t Nobody Tougher than a Suffragette

More eye-watering photos from the show – with stunning costumes by Sophie Kay and a jaw-dropping set concocted by Caroline Gibbs and Jane Walker – can be seen on the Lezzwood Players Facebook Page 



Huge thanks to all who came to support us at The Barn, Southwick and the Under Ground Theatre, Eastbourne