The Lezzwood Players…

… have been startling audiences in and around Brighton since 2012 with their sensational saucy satires of well-worn theatrical genres. See more about the Lezzwood Players

The Lezzwood Players would like to assure you that we will be back with a brand NEW show as soon as the prevailing pandemic permits. In the meantime please stay safe – you are very precious to us!



Our last shows took place in Feb/March 2020:

Adventures of the Starship Lezzerprise

“They came from outside Hove…..”

Thank you to all who came out to play for the Adventures of the Starship Lezzerprise in February and March 2020 – we couldn’t have wished for more brilliant – or bonkers – audiences!!

We are especially pleased to announce that our collections on the night for Chailey Heritage School have raised a total of £355. Thank you all for your kindness and generosity.


About the Adventures of the Starship Lezzerpise

We followed Captain Twerk and her incredulous crew on their misconceived mission: to boldly go [sic] – and seek out uncomfortably close encounters with inter-galactic Lesbian civilisations. We learned what it takes to get Starkbuck to calm down and that Daft Mater’s asthma is probably getting worse. We were also impressed by Engineer Scatty’s equipment and enjoyed the shortness of Lt Janura’s uniform skirt. Finally we all decided to have tea and some lemon drizzle cake. Oh, and there definitely were some Cylons.

Many grateful thanks to the Purple Playhouse Theatre, Brighton for their hospitality.


 What people said about our past productions:



“‘Apart from the nudity it was quite clean really…” – Sophie’s mum
Boi Band


“’Depraved Filth” – Everyone
Bibs and Bobs


“’Mallory Towers’ meets ‘Carry on Spanking’” – Forgotten Tomatoes


The Lezzington Towers cast 2013



I always said ‘Annie Get Your Gun’ should never have cut the duelling dildo scene” – Doris Day (Bus Driver, Bexhill)


The Lezzwood Saloon cast 2012


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